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Dog Park Equipment

Dog park equipment is becoming more popular than ever. More and more, community parks and neighborhoods are increasingly dog friendly with pet policies and even designated spaces for dogs. With the growing number of households that own at least one dog, it’s no wonder that communities are moving quickly to accommodate these furry family members. Enhance any area with the variety of dog park equipment you will find at The Park Catalog. These dog park products are heavy-duty, commercial-grade, anti-corrosive and designed especially to give Fido and Alfie a great workout that owners will appreciate. Call the helpful staff at The Park Catalog to help you select dog playground equipment that fits your needs and budget. These dog park accessories will improve any dog park. For certain products where a dog is required to sit or stand, we have a special paw-friendly, proprietary coating called RuffGuard that is made specifically for canines.

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Dog park equipment has agility obstacles for all dogs

Dog park equipment should include pet waste stations, grooming tables, and agility training equipment to dog themed benches, trash cans and picnic tables. Designated off leash areas can easily be enhanced with agility equipment and other dog park amenities, but easy maintenance and the type of users will influence how you optimize the area to be a lasting, enjoyable dog park. 
Dog Park Equipment:
There are several kinds of materials for dog park equipment that are more durable options than others and some that you’ll want to avoid all together. Metals coated in special thermoplastic will extend the life of dog park products and protect them from the weather and, as in the case of CanineCoat™ from pet urine too. Avoid wood products because they could rot, splinter and retain foul substances. 
First and foremost, all equipment that dogs will be walking on or playing on should be safe. Dog park products that dogs could fall from shouldn’t be too high from the ground and any surface area needs to be slip-resistant. On the same note, the equipment you choose to furnish your park with should take into consideration different breeds and agility levels of dogs. Adjustable dog playground equipment and low-to-the ground dog park products are a great way to accommodate different size dogs.
Dog Park Amenities and Supplies:
Any off-leash area will require clear signage with notices such as park hours and rules that will set the tone of your dog park. As off leash areas turn into parks, the people that come to play with their pets will need accommodations as well. Running around with Fido can be exhausting. There are a lot of options to make the dog park just as comfortable for humans as for dogs, but some priorities to consider would be adequate seating near popular dog park areas and plenty of pet waste stations and trash receptacles to promote a clean park. 
As in any space that promotes physical activity, providing water for both dogs and humans should also be a top priority. Anti-corrosive stainless steel drinking fountains are ideal because they’ll require less maintenance and will last longer. Consider options that include accessible features and even water-saver dog cooling fountains.

Dogs need exercise. The  ASPCA says there are about 70-80 million dogs in the US. Park managers can address the needs of this large number of dog owners by featuring dog park equipment at some of their parks. This is a fast-growing trend. According to a National Recreation and Parks Association article on dog parks, there are an estimated 1,200 dog parks in the USA. From 2005 to 2010, the number of dog parks in major cities grew by 34%. Park managers would certainly serve their communities by adding dog park equipment and amenities to meet this need. After all, there are an estimated 57 million homes in America with dogs as pets. Nearly 50% of all citizens. That's a major portion of any municipality.

More and more municipalities see the benefit of adding dog playground equipment. Another growing trend is for multi-family communities to add dog playground equipment as an incentive to attract tenants.

Adding dog agility amenities to any area will be immediately popular with the public. To choose a nice variety of obstacles for all sizes and breeds that owners and their pets will love, consult the experts at The Park Catalog. They can help you find the right dog park equipment for your budget and your space that will make your dog park a big hit!