Bike Repair Stations

Bike repair stations and secure outdoor and indoor public bike pumps from The Park Catalog will enhance any bicycle parking location or area with heavy bicycle usage. Our bike repair stations come with a complete set of handy tools securely fastened to sturdy repair stands. With our Deluxe Public Work Stand, the tools are organized with a retractable aircraft-grade cable to prevent tangling. Every bicyclist is also concerned about whether they have enough air in their tires. Our public bike pumps will be a welcome sight at any school, park or facility. These stations are designed to handle all types of bicycles. Add a bike repair station as a helpful amenity that cyclists will appreciate.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Bike Repair Stations are a welcome amenity to any bike storage area

If you are looking for products that will serve the bicycling community, be sure to add bike repair stations to your bike rooms or bike storage areas. Nothing is more frustrating to a bicyclist than a flat tire or loose gears. With these sturdy and durable bike repair stations, a cyclist has access to all the basic tools they would need to make repairs or adjustments. These products are made with heavy-duty TIG welded steel and cast aluminum, so they can be installed in areas for public use. The tools are attached with a tough, stainless steel aircraft cable that is difficult to remove.

For appearance, choose from several different color options. Take advantage of branding opportunities as well. Customize your bike repair stations by adding your logo as an effective way to promote your school, multi-family community, park, store, company or office complex. Adding bike repair stations is a fantastic way to complement any bicycle parking area, will certainly be appreciated by bicyclists and will serve as a magnet to attract them to your location.