Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains

Drinking fountains from The Park Catalog offer a refreshing oasis for any park, school, university, stadium, amusement park, playground or outdoor space in general. You can find the right drinking water fountain for your needs from a wide selection of hand-picked models that include Pedestal, Dual-Pedestal, Bubbler, Two-Level, Children’s, Wheelchair Accessible and many others. In regard to durable materials, select either a metal or concrete drinking fountain that is well-built and resistant to vandals. As for looks, our hardy commercial drinking fountains come in a variety of handsome additions to any space with colors ranging from green, stainless steel, sand, dove gray, charcoal, terra cotta and other attractive selections. You can also choose an ADA drinking fountain if needed.

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23 Item(s)

Drinking fountains in adequate numbers are a health necessity

Nothing is more frustrating for visitors to a park, playground, sports arena or commercial facility than not being able to find accessible drinking water fountains in multiple locations. According to the Mayo Clinic, men generally need to consume 13 cups of water per day (8 ounces per cup) and women about 9 cups. This basic requirement for water is especially critical in the summer months when most people don’t hydrate as often as they should and then realize later they have built up quite a thirst.

In extreme heat and high humidity, the presence of an adequate number of drinking fountains can prevent dehydration, excessive sweating and fainting. According to the Mayo Clinic, young children, older adults and people with chronic illnesses are most at risk if they do not consume enough fluids during the day. Water drinking fountains are a necessity. The lack of outdoor drinking fountains can actually be a serious public health hazard. The issue is compounded if you have an area where people exercise, engage in vigorous activities such as sports or play outside at higher altitudes.

The Park Catalog provides a large selection of drinking fountains for sale. You can choose from an array of textures and colors in either metal or concrete fountains. We also offer products that meet ADA drinking fountain guidelines and are wheelchair accessible. Feel free to contact a knowledgeable representative of The Park Catalog to help you review our selection of outdoor drinking fountains and select the model that meets your needs at a very competitive price. Our superior commercial drinking fountains are reliable and sanitary.